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Everybody says that, but why would I pay 20 euros(at least) per year for it, I don’t get any revenue from it ?
First of all, browsers started recently to mark websites without a SSL with a “insecure” label. That’s not really good, your client could think “is this really the website I am looking for ? Maybe I’m mistaking it”.
Client: yes, but many users don’t notice the “insecure” label
That’s actually right. That’s why there is another very important reason for having a SSL certificate on your website: security. Without a SSL certificate, the information sent between your client’s computer and you website is easily intercepted by an attacker. Doesn’t sound really good, especially if your website is an e-commerce.

Q: how hard is it to buy a SSL certificate and how long does it take for it to activate
A: buying a SSL certificat is really easy. You have to know the type of certificate you want(see What types of ssl certificates are there). Iti usally takes a day to get activated
Q: how hard is it to install a SSL certificate on my domain / server
A: it depends. If your hosting account is based on cPanel or other good control panel, it’s very easy. Otherwise, it depends on your server’s configuration. Either way, we can do it for you.
Q: do I have to renew my SSL certificate
A: yes. Usually, SSL certificates are bought for a year, being renewed a few day before the expiration date.
Q: do I get some kind of assurance for my certificate ?
A: –
Q: i have a SSL certificate installed but the browser still labels my website as insecure. Why ?
A: you have some resources(I won’t get too technical here) that are loaded from an insecure domain
Q: how hard is it to solve the above problem ?
A: it depends on the platform your website is built with(WordPress, Shopify, Magento, custom platform, etc). Either way, we can help you solve it

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