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Why would I choose a web agency instead of a friend(he says he’s a programmer)

Content coming soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

Why should I outline my website’s structure and how to do it

Let’s first talk about what is a website’s structure. TL;DR: website structure = the pages of your website and the main topics on them Short story long: Imagine a website’s

Why your business needs a website

brand new customers reach out online presence legitimacy high customer ltv lead generation provide value customer engagement customer loyalty credibility wider audience targeting time saving Brand = people call you

Why you need a SSL certificate on your website

Everybody says that, but why would I pay 20 euros(at least) per year for it, I don’t get any revenue from it ? First of all, browsers started recently to

What TLD to choose for your website

Long story short: choose something that fits your business, your budget and is short. Let’s say, for example, that you have a business of selling used cars and want to

4 easy steps to having your website live

1.answer the questions from here What to know before building your website 2.outline your website’s information structure(Read this, it will help you with it: Why should I outline my website’s

What to know before building your website

First of all, it is not do-able in 1 day in 99% of cases. Before talking to a web agency about your fresh new website, you should have answers to