Why should I outline my website’s structure and how to do it

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Let’s first talk about what is a website’s structure.

TL;DR: website structure = the pages of your website and the main topics on them

Short story long:

Imagine a website’s structure as a home. The homepage(front page) is the first room of your house, where people get “familiar” with the surroundings and ask a lot of questions, like “how many bedrooms(services pages) do you have”, or “where is the bathroom(contact page)”.

Besides rooms(pages), there are objects(information) in a room.

When outlining your website’s structure(at leas at the beginning), you don’t have to get in too much detail.

Offtopic(just a little): a house’s rooms have at least one door. If a room has more than one doors, you have more options from that room. It’s the same with a website. The more links you have on a page, the more options your visitors have.

If someone enters your house, it’s because they want to talk to you, give you something, help you re-paint your walls, etc. They take a journey through your house. It’s the same with your website’s visitors, they take a journey on your website. It’s up to you and us to make that journey as pleasant as possible


Q: I have very little content, do I have to outline the structure for it ?

A: yes. besides, you sholud really brainstorm a few possible content ideas in order to develop your structure more deeply

Q: is it ok to have different structures for each language ?

A: yes

Q: how many items should I have in my menu

A: it depends. There’s no right answer. We will analyze different possible structures and choose the one that fits your targets better

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