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new customers
reach out
online presence
high customer ltv
lead generation
provide value
customer engagement
customer loyalty
wider audience targeting
time saving

Brand = people call you by your business’ name, not ‘the ones that do that’

New customers = getting new customers

Reach out = getting heard by your existing customers and potential ones

Online presence = being there, in the middle of the action

Legitimacy = boosting your legitimacy

High customer life-time value = your clients stay in touch with you for a long time

Lead generation = getting in touch with potential customers

Provide value = help your customers reach their targets in a beautiful way

Customer engagement = having your customers constantly in touch with your services and products

Customer loyalty = your customers don’t go to your competition

Credibility = the quality of your products services and employees is as good as you state

Wider audience targeting = getting heard by a lot more customers

Time saving = automating repetitive tasks


Q: what if I have a small business, should I build a website ?

A: of course you should. To name just a few advantages: high customer ltv, brand, online presence, customer loyalty, …

Q: I have a website built 10 years ago, why should I change it ?

A: design trends change more often than one year. First of all, your 10 years old website(2008) probably is not mobile-friendly. That’s a huge problem. Secondly, your
website screams “nobody cares about me” and your client will start thinking “if it’s not taking care of the website, does he really have good quality products and services ?”

Q: How much does a multi-lingual website help my business ?

A: Most of the time, a lot. By having a multi-lingual website, you target a much wider audience. On the other side, there are businesses that are local and so, a multi-lingual won’t help that much but if you take into account the price difference between a multi-lingual and single-lingual website, it really makes sense to choose the multi-lingual one

Q: My wife started to learn WordPress / Wix / Shopify / etc. Why would I pay a web agency instead of encouraging my wife to build the website

A: That’s a hot and complex topic. Read this article for more details: CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL ARTICLE

Q: I have a brand new website but no visitors. Why is that ?

A: There are a few possible reasons. Some of them are: lack of exciting content, not mobile-friendly, bad user-experience, slow loading time, etc. A well-designed fast website will get you visitors, be sure of that

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