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What to know before building your website

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First of all, it is not do-able in 1 day in 99% of cases. Before talking to a web agency about your fresh new website, you should have answers to the following questions:

1.what are your expectations in regard to the website

2.do you know the most important things(ex.: services, products, contact information, etc) that you want on your website ?

3.what are some examples of website that you like(design, structure, colors, etc) ?

4.do you want your website to be multi-lingual ?

5.do you have the structure of your information laid out in your head ? If so, write it down. If not, start to think about that

6.do you have a brand ?(at least a logo)

After answering to these questions, give us a call, we will take a few meetings and start working right away.


Q: how much time do I have to spend in order to have a well-designed brand-new website up & running ?

A: less than you think. We fully engage in every project, trying to be as efficient as possible, especially when talking about your time. We do believe that you should focus on your business rather than our job, so we tend to speak to you only when necessary

Q: is it okay to build a brand after the website is built ?

A: not really. You should consider building the brand before the website. Your brand says who you are, what is your vision and the products, services, processes and people behind it. It is easier to build a website after the brand rather than the other way around and you won’t have to pay twice either.

Q: I don’t have any content, design, ideas or anything else for my website. Can you build it ?

A: No, we cannot. You should have at least 2-3 examples of websites you like and a minimal content structure in order for us to build something reliable

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