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What TLD to choose for your website

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Long story short: choose something that fits your business, your budget and is short. Let’s say, for example, that you have a business of selling used cars and want to buy a domain for your website.

Good ones: usedcars.com, used-cars.com, usedvehicles.com, usedcars.agency, carsforsale.com, getacar.eu

Bad ones: getacartodriveforlife.com, bestcarseverseen.eu, only-the-best-cars.agency, sellingcarsagency.agency


Q: is it good to have keywords in the domain name

A: it is good for marketing and for being clear about what your business does. Despite what most people think, having keywords in your domain name doesn’t boost your SEO

Q: is it save to have hypens in the domain name ?

A: yes, but you should stick to one, otherwise it looks kind of strange

Q: how often should I change my domain name ?

A: there is no rule. You should change it whenever you think you should, but only when completely necessary, your visitors can get confused easily

Q: how hard is it to change my domain name ?

A: it depends on the size of your website. Most of the time, it is pretty easy

Q: should I be scared of “unusual” extensions like .agency ?

A: not at all

Q: how hard is is to buy and manage a domain

A: it is easy to buy a domain and to manage as well

Q: how long does it take for a domain to be active(accessible) ?

A: usually, around 1 day

Q: do I have to renew my domain ?

A: yes. Usually, domains are bought for one year and renewed every year. The price depends on the extension, but usually, the renewal price is the same as the buying price

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