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4 easy steps to having your website live

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1.answer the questions from here What to know before building your website

2.outline your website’s information structure(Read this, it will help you with it: Why should I outline my website’s structure and how to do it)

3.give us a call – HERE

4.after that, we will take care of almost everything. We will have a few meetings in order to choose a domain, write some content and do a few reviews. And, of course, make sure the result reaches your expectations

Depending your expectations, this process can take 3-4 days up to 3-4 months, especially when talking about custom platforms and e-commerce. We will make sure that everything is in place and your effort is as little as possible.

For more details, you can read these articles(they are not long and boring, but short and useful):

Why your business needs a website

What to know before building your website

What tld to choose for your website(.com, .ro, .xyz, .eu, .agency, …)


Q: I already have a domain. Can I use it ?

A: yes

Q: I already have a domain but I want another one. How to I redirect the users from the old domain to the new one ?

A: we take care of that for you. Long story short: whenever a visitor enters the old domain, he will be automatically redirected to the new one

Q: someone told me they had to talk to different providers for domain, hosting, branding and web development. Is it true ?

A: most of the time, it is. We can deliver all of these services to you, making it much easier for you to have your website up & running faster. Chosing the right partners is important for us, so don’t worry about that

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